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Congratulations on your acceptance into the DSHA Class of 2023! This page includes important information for you as an admitted student and will continue to be updated with information just for you! If you have questions concerning your admissions status, please contact DSHA admissions.

Winter 2019

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  • Lock-In | Friday, January 25 – Saturday, January 26, 2019 (overnight) at DSHA

    Join us for an overnight Lock-In, where you’ll enjoy icebreakers, movies, activities and snacks as you get to know your future classmates. Bring your favorite pajamas, a sleeping bag and pillow. Your RSVP is requested by January 21, 2019 to allow for proper planning. 
  • Academic Orientation & Registration | Wednesday, January 30, 2019 | 6:30 p.m. in the theatre

    Academic Orientation provides incoming students and their parents/guardians with the information needed to make informed choices about course selection for freshman year. On this night you will:
    • Learn about required, recommended, and elective courses.
    • Hear about DSHA course sequencing and co-curriculars.
    • Receive a copy of the Curriculum Guide
    • Learn about credit and non-credit courses offered at DSHA Summer Cool.
    • Ask questions of Student Services and academic department representatives.

    During the registration portion of the evening, students and parents meet in groups with their counselor to register for classes. Department Chairpersons and select faculty members will be available to answer specific curricular questions.
    • If you have a special interest or ability in music, theatre, or visual arts, you may want to speak with a representative of those departments before registering for courses. Fine Arts representatives will be available at Registration.
    • During Registration, you will also drop off materials distributed at Academic Orientation, have a chance to explore DSHA clubs, activities, and service opportunities, and learn more about bus transportation and carpooling options.
  • Future Dasher Night | DSHA Basketball vs. Brookfield East | February 5, 2019

  • Spring Play | Almost, Maine | March 8-10, 2019

    Additional information about the spring play can be found here.

    SPECIAL CLASS OF 2023 DEAL: Families are invited to enjoy the show for just $6 on Sunday evening - that's half off the student price! Tickets must be purchased at the door. 

Spring 2019

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  • Incoming Freshman Fun Night | Friday, May 3, 2019 | 7-9 p.m. at DSHA

    Incoming Freshman Fun Night is an opportunity for members of the Class of 2023 to get to know one another. This event, hosted by DSHA and Marquette University High School, includes a live DJ, board games and more - the event takes place in the DSHA Commons and Gym.

    NEW THIS YEAR! Join us beforehand for a Co-Curricular Fair at 6:30pm to learn more about how to get involved your freshman year. 

    Click here for the permission slip!

    The guidelines for the evening are as follows:
    • The evening will begin promptly at 7 p.m. Students will not be allowed to enter after 7:30 p.m., and the doors will remain locked until 9 p.m. No students will be allowed to leave early. 
    • The “Fun Night” will feature music by a live DJ and other activities. This is a casual dress event.
    • Admission for each student is $1.00. Small bills are appreciated.
    • Each student must present their admission pass signed by a parent or guardian to gain admission.
    • Please drop-off and pick-up your daughter at the front entrance of the school.
    • Clothing for the event must be appropriate. Mini-skirts, short shorts, tube tops, low-cut tops or tops that do not cover the stomach or back are not acceptable. No hats or backpacks will be allowed into the event. In addition, no whistles or other props, and no carry-in beverages or snacks will be allowed.
  • Placement tests – math, science and languages | May 21 & 22, 2019

    Placement tests for math, science and world languages take place at DSHA in May from 3:30 - 5 p.m. Based on the courses you select at Registration, you may be required or wish to take one or more placement tests. These tests ensure you are placed in a class that will optimize success in the subject area. You will receive detailed information on placement exams in a spring mailing.
    • Math: The Honors Algebra II and Freshman Algebra II placement exams are required for all students registered in either class. You can also take the exam if you wish to be considered for Honors Algebra II or Freshman Algebra II.
    • World Languages: The Spanish II, Latin II, and French II placement exams are required for students who wish to be considered for placement beyond the first year of a language.
    • Science: The science placement exam is required for students whose placement sheets indicate “Biology + Test.”
  • Fall Musical Tryouts | May 28 & 29, 2019

    Additional information will be posted on this spring.

Summer/Fall 2019

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  • Freshman Social Event | July 18, 2019

    Spend time with your new classmates at DSHA! This event will follow the Leadership Boot Camp for incoming students - register for that through the Summer Cool program! 
  • Open Doors | June, July 2019 at DSHA

    For some admitted students—and with the goal of “best possible transition” in mind—our admissions committee requires or recommends that a student participates in the DSHA summer academic bridge program, Open Doors. If this is the case for you, you will be informed when you receive your admissions decision in January. Open Doors helps a student optimize her academic, social and personal transition into high school, while gaining confidence, skills and strategies for making the sometimes challenging move out of middle school.
  • Summer Cool | June–August 2019

    Join us for your best summer yet! Click here to browse our Summer Cool offerings and register beginning February 15.
  • Dasher Resale | June 12, 2019

    Held annually, the Dasher Resale is an opportunity to purchase used uniforms and books from current students.  Additional information will be sent this spring.
  • Ice Cream Social | June 20, 2019

    Meet your Dasher Mentors and new classmates at the annual Ice Cream Social.  Additional details will be mailed this spring.
  • Mandatory Athletic Meeting | August 5, 2019 | 5:30 p.m. registration/6 p.m. meeting

    This meeting is mandatory for all girls who are interested in playing any DSHA support during the 2019-20 school year.  Additional information will be available this spring.

    Familes who cannot make this meeting should plan to attend the alternate meeting on June 3. 
  • Check-In Day | August 15, 2019 | 8:15 a.m. at DSHA

    On Check-In Day all students “check-in” to the new school year. On this day, you will receive your student handbook, purchase a school lock, find and organize your locker, and have your school picture taken by VIP.
  • Freshman Orientation Day | August 16, 2019 | Full school day at DSHA

    Freshman Orientation Day allows you and your classmates to become acclimated to the school building and your daily schedule before the rest of the student body returns to school. Lunch is provided and no uniforms or class materials (backpacks) are required. On this day you will:
    • walk through your class schedule and meet your teachers.
    • participate in fun activities and ice breakers with upperclasswomen student leaders.
    • orient yourself to the building and technology.
    • pray with the DSHA community.
  • First day of school for all students | August 19, 2019

    The first full day of school for all students is the Monday following Freshman Orientation Day.

Dasher Mentor Program

The Dasher Mentor program is designed to help you through your first year at DSHA. All freshmen are assigned to a small group (5-6 freshmen) with two Dasher Mentors (current DSHA juniors). Your Dasher Mentors will contact you in June to see if you have any questions about the upcoming school year and they will get your group together before Freshman Orientation. Events are also planned during the first few weeks of school for you to get to know each other. Throughout freshman year you will continue to connect with your Dasher Mentors. These young women serve as a great resource for you as you begin your high school journey!

Freshman Seminar

Each freshman enrolls in Freshman Seminar during her fall semester. This interactive classroom experience focuses on teaching you the academic and social/emotional skills that will help you thrive at DSHA. Freshman Seminar acclimates you to DSHA policies and practices, allows you to develop your self-advocacy skills, and begins your development of the DSHA Qualities of a Graduate.


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