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Freshman Wellness Seminar

The Freshmen Wellness Seminar is designed to optimize individual and community wellness at Divine Savior Holy Angels High School. Through the lens of the Qualities of a DSHA Graduate (Believer, Critical Thinker, Communicator, Leader, and Self-Advocate), students will participate in meaningful discussions/reflections. They will learn how to utilize the tools and resources needed to navigate through their wellness journey at DSHA. 

Throughout the semester, students will engage in the following:
  • Apply DSHA’s 6 dimensions of wellness through self-assessment, reflection, and goal setting
  • Develop self-advocacy skills
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Learn effective study and time management skills
  • Understand the impact of classroom etiquette on the DSHA community
  • Explore and embrace diversity
  • Learn DSHA academic policies and procedures

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In addition to Freshmen Wellness Seminar, all freshmen are required to take a study hall one semester. This eases the freshman transition to high school and helps students learn to create balance in their lives, meet the rigors of DSHA, and maximize co-curricular, athletic, social and other opportunities.

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